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Arabi Rewards Program

Now you can redeem your rewards points for cash or travel vouchers with the “Arabi Rewards” program

Joining “Arabi Rewards” not only allows you to earn points and exchange them for benefits and services, but is also a free program to join and has no ceiling on the number of points you can ear.

How the program works – Earning Points:

Earning points with “Arabi Rewards” is very simple and easy, whereby you earn points every time you use your credit cards to make a purchase.
You will be awards points automatically when making purchases as illustrated in the table below:

Card Type 1 Reward Point for each
VISA Signature Credit Card 1 US Dollar
Visa Platinum Credit Card 1 US Dollar
Visa Black Credit Card 1.5 US Dollars
Visa Shabab Credit Card 1.5 US Dollars
Gold Visa Credit Card 2 US Dollars
Titanium MasterCard ® 1.5 US Dollars

For example:

If you use your Visa Platinum Card to purchase:

$70 USD of household items = 70 points
$50 USD having a meal with family and friends = 50 points
$60 USD buying children’s clothing = 60 points

So the total points earned will be 70 points + 50 points + 60 points = 180 points

The points will be added to you personal Rewards account at the end of every month and the total points will show on your monthly credit card statement

Cash Prizes

“Arabi Rewards” allows you to exchange points for cash prizes which are deposited into your monthly account statements as indicated in the table below:

Cash Reward Required points
USD 20 2,500
USD 50 5,000
USD 120 10,000
USD 200 15,000

Travel Vouchers

Voucher Value Required points
USD 120 10,000
USD 200 15,000

How the program works – exchanging points for rewards 

You can benefit from the rewards by simply gaining enough points for each required amount for the rewards For more information please call our Customer Contact Center through Hala Arabi service at 1800333333 for Paltel , Jawwal and Wataniya mobile subscribers or +970 2 295 3333 for international callers and other telecom companies subscribers.

You may also inquire about the program as well as your total points accumulated by calling our contact center.

The collection, usage and redemption of Arabi Reward Points are subject to the program's Terms and Conditions. “Arabi Premium” is applicable on the Visa Gold card, Visa Black card, Visa Platinum Card, VISA Signature Card and Titanium MasterCard® from Arab Bank

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