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Guaranteed winning and more with Arab Bank Credit Card

Use your Arab Bank Credit Card for purchases at any merchant and enjoy a host of exclusive offers:

- Free gift vouchers worth up to USD 300 given at the end of the campaign.

- Additional gift “TV” when shopping at Sbitany for an amount of USD 1300 or more.

All you have to do to qualify for winning the free gift vouchers is to register in the campaign by calling our Customer Contact Center.

Why wait! Apply for an Arab Bank Credit Card today and start using it!

Terms and conditions related to the product and promotion apply. The campaign will run from 17/7/2016 until 17/10/2016. All Cards are eligible for the campaign except for the Silver card.

Minimum spend of USD 2,000 is required to qualify for winning the free gift voucher.

Terms and Conditions for Arab Bank credit cards Campaign:

1. The campaign starts on July 17th of July and ends on the 17th of October 2016.
2. Eligible customers are individual using their Arab Bank VISA Credit Cards at Any POS locally and / or globally
3. Campaign is offered to all AB credit card types (except Visa Silver) VISA / Master Card
4. The campaign includes new customers and existing
5. Customer must register in the campaign by calling our contact center.
6. When the customer is awarded a voucher the Collected AB reward points during the campaign period will be deducted from the customer points balance.
7. Only “point of sale” transactions will be included in the campaign
8. Cards should be active and not delinquent at the end of the campaign.
9. During the campaign, Arab Bank offers the following promotional benefits for the eligible Visa and Master credit card holders:

  • Gift Vouchers from Sbitany& Sons Company when using their credit cards to make purchases from POS at any commercial stores, both locally and internationally during this campaign period as shown below:

Spend Amount

Gift Voucher
From $2000 to $3999 $50
From $4000 to $5999 $150
More than $6000 $300

  • VISA and Master credit card holders who make purchases at Sbitany branches POS during this campaign period will get a free Hisense TV as below:

Spend Amount

From $1300 to $2499 32” Hisense TV
From $2500 to $3999 40” Hisense TV
From $4000 to $5999 49” Hisense TV
More than $6000 55” Hisense TV

10. Shared limit Supplementary cards’ transactions will be considered as part of Primary cards’ transaction(s) while the Separate limit supplementary cards will be treated as primary cards
11. The bank reserves the right to decide the winners based on the most accurate information available at the time of decision and the bank’s decision in this regards will be final.
12. Winners will be announced in any means appropriate for the bank.
13. The bank will announce through official website in case ending the campaign or amending any of its terms and conditions at any time.