Personal Banking

Housing Loan Campaign

Now you can own your dream home with the special offer on Arab Bank Housing Loans in addition to having the chance to win an amount equivalent to the first 12 monthly installments of your loan!*

• One weekly winner for a period of 10 weeks
• Apply early in order to enter to the maximum number of draws and to increase your chances of winning
• The offer is also available to non-resident Palestinians working abroad
• Loan tenor up to 25 years
• High service standards through our wide branch network
• Dedicated Sales Team – ready to serve you at your convenience
• Free life insurance
So why wait? Take advantage of this special limited time offer now!

*This offer is available to loans that equal to or exceeding UDS 50,000 . The maximum amount of the prize is USD 13,540. This offer ends on the 26th of Septemebr 2012. .

Subject to Bank’s approval and terms and conditions of the product and the campaign’s special terms and conditions.

The Campaign special terms and conditions: 
- This campaign will run in Palestine starting from the 17th of June until the 26th of Sep.
- The prize is a total amount of 12 monthly installments with a maximum cap of USD 13,540
- Eligible loans for the campaign are ready made property Mortgage loans (including the Non
  Resident Palestinians), Home Improvement Loan and buy-outs while top-ups, under- 
  construction,   loans exempted from processing fees, Arab Bank employees’ loans, and
  government support programs are excluded.
- To qualify for the prize, the minimum loan amount should be equal to or exceeding USD 50,000.
- Eligible customers must have their new loan approved or disbursed during the campaign period.
- The loan must be disbursed during the campaign period in order for the winner to get the prize,
  and the winner will lose the right in the prize if the loan is not disbursed during the campaign
- Eligible customers who did not win during any draw will be included in the next one, while
  winners will be removed from the eligible customers list and will not take part in subsequent
- Joint loan borrowers will be counted as one loan
- The prize amount will be deposited in the winner’s account after deducting the 10% income tax
  of the prize.
- The prizes are not transferable under any circumstances.
- The Bank has the right to end the campaign prior to the announced date of completion.
- The bank has the right to amend the prize amount at ay time based on its own discretion
- The bank has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the campaign at any time.

Remaining draws will be conducted on the following dates: 5/9/2012, 12/9/2012 , 19/9/2012 & 26/9/2012