Personal Banking

Shabab Tution Fees

Our valued customers studying at Beir Zait University and Al Quds University can pay their tuition fees easily and conveniently through the Internet Banking Service “ Arabi Online”, not just that ! customers will have the chance to enter the draws and win an iPhone 6.

Special terms and conditions :

1. Eligible customers are “Shabab” program customers who pay their university tuition fees through “Arabi Online” service during the campaign’s period. ( For non existing Arab Bank customers , an Arab Bank “Shabab” account must be opened . As for existing Arab Bank customers , the account must be a ‘”Shabab account”.
2. Campaign’s starts on 10/8/2015 until 30/9/2015
3. The Campaign includes Beir Zait University and Al Quds University
4. Draw will be conducted during the first week after the campaign is over
5. Same customer cannot win the same prize more than once during the campaign’s period.
6. Prizes are 4 iPhone devices for 4 Winners from each university
7. The bank reserves its right to decide the eligible customers based on the accurate information available at the time of taking the decision and the bank’s decision in this regard will be final.
8. The bank will announce any amendments to the terms and conditions of this campaign as long as it complies with Palestine Monitory Authority Regulations.
9. The Bank has the right to terminate this Campaign at any time with prior notice to PMA. Customers will be informed as the Bank’s finds suitable.