Corporate Banking

Smart Transfer Form

As part of Arab Bank’s commitment to offer clients banking services and solutions to meet their evolving needs and expectations. We are pleased to introduce “Arab Bank’s Smart Transfer Form” designed to simplify your funds transfers to other local and international banks.

You will notice the difference once you start using the new “Smart Transfer Form” which comes with a number of features:

  • One single online form for local and international banks transfers.
  • Smart options such as mandatory fields, dropdown boxes and built-in validation, to ensure all necessary information is completed in the correct format.
  • Ability to save the form template to make recurring payments faster and easier.
  • Auto-generation of payment amount in words, to ensure consistency with the specified numeric value.
  • Payment information is automatically encoded with a QR-Code, to ensure timely processing.

To start using the “Smart Transfer Form” all you have to do is the following:

  • Download “Snap Form Viewer Software” from the internet.
  • Complete, print and sign the form
  • Submit the completed, printed and signed form to the nearest Arab Bank branch. Your form will then be scanned automatically by the staff through the QR code reader and your transfer will be carried out as per the Bank’s standard process.

For more information or assistance with downloading and using the “Smart Transfer Form”, please call our Corporate Clients Contact Center on
+970-2-296 9490.You can also email us at

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The Clients acknowledges and agrees that installing and/or using any third party application is subject to its sole and absolute discretion and is at its full and sole responsibility

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