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1- The campaign is from 15-08-2021 until 31-10-2021.

2- The campaign includes purchases done via Arab Bank credit cards or/and “Arabi Wallet” app.

3- The campaign includes purchases transactions via POS and online, and NOT cash withdrawals.

4- Eligible customers are the individuals using their Arab Bank credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) for POS purchases or online purchases local or international and/or “Arabi Wallet” app for POS purchases.

5- A draw will be held at the end of the campaign on 10 Cash Prizes as per the below terms:

  • The prize value is the total purchases of the customer during the campaign period up to $500.
  • The minimum purchase/s volume during the campaign period is USD 100 per customer.
  • Each sum of POS/online purchases worth of USD 100 or equivalent in other currency will grant the customer one chance.
  • The maximum number of chances per customer is 50 chances
  • Delinquent cards are excluded.
  • The draw will held within 2 weeks from the campaign’s end date.

6- Supplementary cards’ transactions will be considered as part of primary cards ‘purchases if conducted via a supplementary card with separate limit than the primary card

7- The bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions any time with prior notifications for all customers with obtaining Palestinian Monetary Authority approvals

8- The bank reserves the right to terminate the campaign and withdraw the offer by announcing to the customers through its channels and as the bank sees suitable according to Palestinian Monetary Authority regulations. The cash prizes are subject to the tax as the applied laws.

9- The cash prizes are subject to the tax as the applied laws.

10- The prizes are not transferable under any circumstances.