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Now, you can avoid the queue inside the branch with our new Online Cash Deposit service, available through selected ATM locations. Deposit cash into your account(s) or into any other Arab Bank accounts instantly and at any time.

Service is available through ATMs at the following locations:

Nablus Branch   Al-Bireh Branch Bethlehem Branch  Hebron Branch
Jenin Branch Qalqiliya Branch
Tulkarem Branch
Al Manarah Branch
Al Ram Branch
Bethany Branch
Al-Khader Branch
Dura Branch
Jericho Branch
Rafidia Branch
AL Masyoon Branch
Ramallah Al Balad Branch
Tubas Branch
Asker Branch
Tulkarem Al Balad Branch
Salfeet Branch
BirZeit Branch
AL Irsal Branch
Bedia Branch
Batonya Branch
Ein Sara Branch
AL Shalaleh Branch
Qabatya Branch
Yatta Branch
Beit Jala Branch Beddo Branch Plaza Mall
Beit Sahour 
Hebron gate
 Ramallah Cultural palace  

Instant Cash Deposit steps:

  • Insert your Visa Electron card in the ATM machine
  • Choose language
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Select "Online Cash Deposit" from main menu
  • Choose your account "Related Account"
  • Insert the amount into the designated place in the ATM machine, not exceeding 50 banknotes (irrespective of cash denominations) in each deposit transaction